How to add domain on Blogger website

Now days everyone want to keep a blog or website for their business purpose and personal purpose, And everyone know that google will give everything whatever they want and its 100% true also, now days google are giving everything either its related to blog, website, free news, and many more. So here today our topic is “How to add domain on Blogger website

So will explain the same here first of all blogspot is not completely unlimited but we have some more option too.

If you create a blog or website on blogspot they will provide you free domain it’s not direct domain you will free sub domain like your website or blog name. Like “” so now it’s become a part of that the reason we are changing this domain name into custom domain like “” its shows your it will show your brand clearly, also when you go ranking factor you will not get more backlink because more high rank website don’t like a link like BlogSpot.

Total Solution here How to add domain on Blogger website

First Step: Own a custom domain

As all of you know how to buy a domain just go buy a domain from any website I will prefer you this will be best and safe for your and domain yearly cost will be 5 – 6 $ also there is some offer for new and first time buyer u can get some more discount also you can use promotion code. “Go daddy promotion code (CJC99COM)

Second Step: Create a blog on blogspot

Now you have to create a Gmail id and you have to start you blogspot with that Gmail id easy to create now you have you blogspot blog next step is adding custom domain

Third Step: add domain on Blogger website

Just go to login panel and login to your blogspot now go to Go to Settings->Basic screen.

You will find there Publishing section go there under Publishing section clicks on the + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link

So now you type your domain witch you purchased from go daddy after write your domain name click tick on Redirect option, after that click the Save.

  1. When you click on save you will get a error written in red color” We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12″ its meaning you have configure the domain in custom domain’s control panel.
  2. Now just go little more down you will find message

“On your domain registrar’s website, located your domain Name System (DNS) setting the following two CNAMEs: “

Name: Label, or Host field Dentinal, Target or Points To field


vo5u2ssxubl gv-e7———

You will find above just copy one two thing mention below and past on notepad its not same you can be little change.


  1. www
  2. vo5u- – – ub gv-e7- – – – –

Fourth Step: Setting up CNAME and A records for the custom domain name for BlogSpot.

Now you have to go to you domain provider if you domain provider is Go daddy just login to your go daddy profile and go to Manage dashboard

Click on the gear icon and the popup opens. Select the Manage DNS link.

Add the CNAME you got from the BlogSpot setup page. Fill the details as like the below pictures

Click on Add another & copy the second CNAME record from your BlogSpot page

Fifth Step: Adding A records for the custom domain name for BlogSpot.

As per out topic (How to add domain on Blogger website) If you all done same it will be the last and final step for you here you have to find and add 4 IP addresses, Also is same as CNAME record easily you can find IP addresses from google BlogSpot.

Above these are the IP addresses

Just add repeat the same step for remaining 3. This will look like the below picture after you’ve added the all 4 records.

As you know DNS is taking time some time its take 30 minutes and sometime 24 hour. Now just go to BlogSpot dashboard and press there save bottom again. Now error it mean it’s done. Once you are done, then Google will take care of the redirection part. All the links work properly, you don’t want to worry about link juice.

Kindly comment below if you get any issue regarding How to add domain on Blogger website I will give your answer in comment also if you like to use make a WordPress site I will update that tutorial you can check next post for WordPress blog step by step.


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